A HOUSE CONCERT is a great opportunity to get together with friends, and at the same time be introduced to new recording artists and their work. Today most of us are used to concerts where the performers are inaccessible, so the experience of a private concert in such an intimate setting provides and interesting contrast and a rewarding experience. The growing popularity of house concerts gives independent artists opportunities to build a grass-roots following.
HAVE ME PLAY AT YOUR HOUSE! Once you have read the info below, and feel inspired to fill your home with music, good times and a sense of community, email me at: karenhudson@nyc.rr.com. We'll work something out!
1. Find a space that can fit between 20 and 50 people.
(you can count floor space for those guests who are just as comfortable sitting on the floor!)
2. Snacks and drinks are optional, but do make the evening a little nicer. COFFEE and TEA are usually good and easy options for drinks.
While some hosts go the whole nine yards and cook, or bbq, snacks are easily done as a POTLUCK. 
Asking guests to bring a covered dish takes off the pressure of needing to make so much food as the host.

3. I will play a minumum of two-fifty minute sets. In between sets, I am more than HAPPY TO MEET and greet, chat, sell and sign CD’s.
4. Asking for a $10 donation for the evening from 20 guests meets this amount.  As the guest count goes up, the donation amount per guest can go down if needed.  If we have to travel farther to get to you, we appreciate any additional that we can earn on top of this to help us cover travel costs.
5. I have a SIMPLE amplifier set up with a mic and acoustic guitar that I travel with and can set up if needed.
6. I will create and sign a CUSTOM POSTER for the show for you as a keepsake. I would also sell copies of it.
If you would like to make official invitations to friends and family for a fantastic evening of music,
I am more than happy to help provide photos and info for a Facebook or printed invite.
7. Unless you are within a 2 hour radius of Roscoe, NY or NYC, and if the show is in the evening, we may ask that you
provide a place for us to STAY FOR THE NIGHT. 
This can be as simple as some floor space for us to throw a few sleeping bags.

For more info: http://www.concertsinyourhome.com/