Karen Hudson and Jim Petrie at Clearview Vineyard and Winery.

Karen Hudson and Jim Petrie at Clearview Vineyard and Winery.

As heard on WFUV, Sunday Breakfast

As heard on WFUV, Sunday Breakfast

New York Music Daily
TOP 100 Songs of 2013
“Mama Was a Train Wreck”
From Sonic Bloom

3rd Coast Music, Austin, TX:
JC’s Best of 2013
“Best Female Artist”
Singer-songwriter Karen Hudson has been compared to Rosanne Cash by
The Village Voice

and to early Linda Ronstadt by 3rd Coast Music Magazine in Austin, Texas. She has opened for Madeliene Peyroux, Walter Salas Humara and Pete Seeger. This is Americana for people who keep The Byrds and
The Beatles next to Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline.

“She’s an elegant tunesmith, evocative lyricist...a subtly nuanced singer. Some of her songs were funny, like "Nicotine", her irresistibly amusing ode to the death-defying lure of tobacco. Others, like "I Thought I'd Die", with its litany of near-misses, had the matter-of-fact resoluteness that runs through much of her songwriting,"
— New York Music Daily


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Tues, July 31st 7PM
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Host: Emily Duff

My very first monthly residency ever will be at
An Beal Bocht Cafe Songwriter Sundays

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Sun August 26th 8PM-10PM
An Beal Bocht Cafe

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The Karen Hudson River Trio
 with Suzanne Davenport and Jim Petrie.

We will miss our friend and collaborator Suzanne Davenport who recently passed away.
It was a good thing we had while we had it going! She was a great person with a big heart and great energy. We were blessed to have worked with her.



Well they say that time waits for no one, I just take it in my stride.
Gimme some sun, air and water, I've got nothing left to hide.
Just when your "Dead Flowers" have all wilted in their vase
I'll be blooming in your garden "Some Sunny Day."

The lyrics to this song are a nod and wink to the Rolling Stones
and the Byrds.

Mama Was A Train Wreck

I directed and edited this video, with the help of my friends in Livingston Manor who are very generous with their time and talents.